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Globe Trott-Air, what is it?

Created for travel enthusiasts and with the aim of making it easier for everyone to travel, Globe Trott-Air products offer you a turnkey solution for safe and pleasant travels while adopting an eco-responsible behavior. 

Seat covers, armrests, sheets and pillowcases are perfectly designed for the plane, the bus or the coach and also for your stays at hotels, camping or Airbnbs. They can also be used in a completely different context:

  • Workers in the mining sector or even truckers, everyone who have to travel for their work, short or long term.
  • In therapy centers, in convalescence homes, on hospital stretchers;
  • In beauty centers and at the spa;
  • On campus and even at home!

All our products are hypo-allergenic and anti-dust mites. Compostable within less than 2 months, they are made from 100% eucalyptus pulp.


The person behind Globe Trott-Air!

After having been at the helm of a landscaped maintenance company, managed a Subway franchise and worked in the import / export sector in the export market of heavy and mining machinery, Ms. Trottier acquired Trottex Inc, a company owned by her father, which was specialized in the field of transport equipement.

Following the ups and downs of the mining sector, Mélanie is now looking for stability and growth instead of super profits and super losses. She combined her passion for travelling and her knowledge as a private pilot to develop her new products that COVID spawned in 2020, and which she believes are here to stay.

Now CEO of Globe Trott-Air, Mélanie innovates by launching a Quebec range of compostable bedding for eco-responsible travellers, following good sanitary habits.